Ground storage

Floor storage: storing goods without racking technology

When it comes to unit loads, floor storage is the absolute basic variant of storage technology. All goods to be stored are placed on the floor.

Depending on the system and size of the bearing, a distinction is made between block and row storage.

Block storage: All load units are arranged as blocks and stacked on top of each other. Access is thus limited to the outer load units.

Row storage: All load units are arranged in rows and stacked on top of each other in the same way. Access is thus possible directly, without any necessary relocation.

The main advantage of floor storage is the low organizational effort, and there are also no investment and maintenance costs for racks. Due to the low cost, such storage techniques are mainly used in small companies whose product range is manageable. Due to the limitation of the stack height as well as the lack of applicability of auxiliary means (mechanical warehouse management), this principle often reaches its capacity limits.

However, one explanation for the popularity of floor storage among SMEs also lies in its flexibility, since uncomplicated warehouse management is possible. However, systemic limitations are one reason why shelf technology tends to be used more.


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