Grid system

Grid system in logistics: precise control from any location

A grid system in logistics corresponds to the efficiency concept of an undisturbed flow of goods and people, i.e. every point within the system (warehouse, locations, etc.) can be controlled directly from every other point. Unlike the opposite counterpart of the hub-and-spoke system, in which central hubs map the structure, faster, undisturbed flows of goods are possible.

Advantages of a grid system in logistics

Due to the punctiform arrangement of the logistics system, the main advantage is that goods can always be transported directly. The direct route allows planning based on fewer uncertainties, and in many cases it is also the fastest route. In addition, the grid system allows maximum utilization of transport capacities, as this makes it easier to transport permanently required A-goods without intermediate storage or mixing with other goods.

At the same time, however, the grid system requires a higher overall transport capacity, i.e. more trucks and means of transport, which in turn require more frequent tours and therefore solid planning.

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