Incoming goods

Goods receipt process

A goods receipt is part of the materials management process. First the goods are accepted by the customer, then the goods must be checked for any complaints, followed by the documentation and finally the goods are forwarded or used. As soon as the goods are delivered, this process is counted as goods issue.

The goods received must be inspected for any defects such as

  • Quantity,
  • Correctness,
  • Quality

be checked and, if necessary, a complaint lodged with the supplier. This section is the most important step during the incoming goods process. If no defects are found during this procedure, the delivered goods are deemed to be correct and no complaints can be made afterwards. This does not apply to defects that are not visible at first glance.

If the goods are visually free of defects, the customer confirms the correct receipt to the carrier on a consignment note. A goods receipt bill is also created.


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