Federal Logistics Association

Bundesverband Logistik: The lobby group for the German logistics industry

The German freight forwarding and logistics industry is a key player in economic life, ensuring the smooth movement of goods and merchandise. An interest group, a "Federal Logistics Association" so to speak, has existed at the federal level since 2003. In this year the DSLV Bundesverband Spedition und Logistik e.V. was founded in Berlin.

According to its self-image, it represents an umbrella and national association for more than 3,000 German forwarding and logistics companies, which in turn employ around 600,000 people. The DSLV as the Federal Logistics Association represents 16 regional state associations that are organized across all modes of transport.

Who is a member of the German Logistics Association?

The DSLV's membership ranges from global logistics companies to small and medium-sized freight forwarders and charterers (inland shipping, rail transport) to specialized logistics experts (sea, air, customs, warehousing). The Bundesverband Logistik sees itself as an "advisor and service provider" for all companies in the sector, represents them in collective bargaining matters and acts as a mouthpiece and point of contact for politicians.


Logistik-Lexikon Bundesverband

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