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ERP for wholesale: All resources always in view

The consolidation of all relevant information with the help of software represents an essential aspect of corporate management. This is the only way to make sound business decisions based on transparent data and correlations. An ERP system in wholesale therefore represents a business software with which all actors within the organization can map their processes and workflows.

The essentials: ERP software in wholesale networks all the data that arises, which can be accessed by the respective departments without any loss of time. This allows decisions to be made in real time - based on current data.

What are the benefits of ERP in wholesale?

Any commercial enterprise that procures goods and merchandise from different manufacturers and distributes them to commercial customers is considered a wholesale enterprise. The main customer groups include the hospitality industry, industry, crafts, retail and other trades. Due to the increasing share of e-commerce business, wholesalers are increasingly acting as a link for time-critical B2C business as well. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for wholesale must therefore take into account aspects such as quantity, quality, volume and availability in such a way that the requirements of a modern service provider are met.

The advantages of using an ERP system in wholesale:

  • Unified management, planning and control of resources and processes
  • Establishment and maintenance of a central information framework based on hardware and software
  • Access to real-time data around sales, engineering, procurement and controlling
  • Improved sales planning, especially with a view to efficient inventory management


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