ERP Beverages

ERP Beverages: an overview of the entire value chain

An ERP system that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the beverage industry is one of the foundations of modern company management. It not only includes central functional areas such as administration, planning and control, but also offers specially developed functions for beverage production, distribution and marketing. The consistent use and maintenance of data and information makes it possible to secure competitive advantages, primarily through better market analysis and efficiency.

What does an ERP system do for the beverage industry?

The basis for beverages of all kinds is formed by recipes and formulas that ensure a uniform taste and a high level of quality. These are continuously optimized and tested, which requires comprehensive data maintenance. In addition, beverage production is subject to strict legal regulations, compliance with which must be documented. An ERP system for the beverage industry provides all the functions required for this process - brought together centrally in one place.

This includes, among other things:

  • Batch planning incl. Batch profiles
  • Supplier management
  • Trading plans
  • Resource planning


ERP Beverages

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