Dustproof Panel PC

What are dust-tight panel PCs?

In industry and logistics, the equipment used must be protected against numerous external influences. These include humidity, heat and cold, as well as dust. If it is mainly very fine dust, it quickly gets into the casing and thus the hardware of panel PCs, where it can cause great damage.

Therefore, dust-tight panel PCs must be able to protect against this. They do this with the help of:

  • Specially sealed enclosures and monitors
  • Joints and connections are specially protected
  • Special touch panels that prevent scratching

Where are dust-tight panel PCs used?

Panel PCs that are insensitive to dust are used primarily in logistics, industry and construction - anywhere that raw materials and materials stir up a lot of dust. This includes, for example, fine sand, dirt or metal as well as wood dust. Dust-proof panel PCs are therefore almost always found in wood-processing production facilities, but also in the storage facilities of recycling yards.


Logistik Lexikon Staubdichter Panel-PC

Image: gwycech / Shutterstock

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