Dock and yard management

What is dock and yard management?

For any profit-oriented company, ensuring customer satisfaction is a top priority. To achieve this goal, the optimal coordination of all logistical processes is crucial and every company is interested in reducing costs. The construction of large goods distribution centers has emerged as a trend-setter, especially for large mail order and retail companies. Increased transport volumes have made it the task of the goods distribution centers to organize the flow of traffic on the plant site as efficiently as possible. This is where dock and yard management comes in, as it provides all the data that is important for planning, implementing and controlling operations on a plant site.

Dock management refers to the coordination of activities at the loading dock, including goods receipt and goods issue and the dispatch of incoming and outgoing trucks at the loading docks. Yard management controls all activities on the plant premises. This includes both third-party and factory-owned vehicles. Yard management collects and evaluates all information on the vehicles located on the plant premises.

Dock and yard management objectives:

  • Optimized logistics processes
  • Efficient loading
  • Reduction of dwell and waiting times of trucks on the plant premises
  • Increase transparency
  • Real-time information of the processes

When all resources are optimally utilized, this saves costs and increases the productivity and quality of the entire logistics system. With dock and yard management, information can be made available in real time, thus ensuring efficient coordination of all logistical processes.


Logistik-Lexikon Dock and Yard Management

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