Customer Relationship Management

What is Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management - or CRM for short - is the systematic cultivation of customer relationships. The aim is to build long-term relationships that take into account the customer's actual needs and individual situation. In order to manage this process comprehensively, efficiently and transparently, special CRM software has been developed to support sales staff in their daily work and document all activities.

IT-supported CRM systems are based on a database in which all customer information is stored in compliance with the GDPR. In addition to contact details, this includes historical order behavior, notes from previous personal conversations and - if available - private customer details such as hobbies or children. This information makes it easier to conduct conversations and ensures a relaxed atmosphere. CRM software is usually connected to the company's ERP or transport management system in order to access a common, central data source.

A CRM also includes an automatic follow-up function that reminds the sales employee to contact them again at freely selectable intervals. CRM systems also make it easier to create offers, address specific target groups and manage mailings and other marketing campaigns.

The use of CRM systems is intended to create more in-depth relationship marketing and make it easier to achieve sales targets.


A well-founded CRM system provides access to:

  • Customer master data and order data
  • customer history
  • Marketing campaigns carried out to date
  • Functions for creating offers
  • Functions for creating reports (reporting)
  • Options for selecting customers (by turnover, zip code, industry...)
  • Integrated Office products (Word, Excel)
  • E-mail client


Customer Relationship Management

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