A customer's order is always associated with certain delivery terms or delivery conditions. The question about this is important because different events can define when a delivery is considered "made" and when it is not. Using the example of the forwarding company, it can be said that the so-called "free curb" is the standard variant. The attribute "Free" means here that the recipient does not bear any costs for the shipment - the sender assumes the task or liability here. The case would be different if the delivery condition was named "freight collect curbside". In this case, the recipient is liable to pay for the delivery.

In practice, this means that the carrier is only obliged to ensure delivery up to the point where the sidewalk ends at the respective address or up to this place the goods are unloaded. In the B2B sector, delivery "free kerbside" is the rule, whereas in the B2C sector an additional order would have to be placed if it is desired that the goods are delivered to the actual place of use.

Advantages and disadvantages of the delivery "Free curbside

Local conditions are highly variable and so is the risk for a forwarder to have to spend a lot of time and effort to actually finally "deliver" goods due to lack of information. Typically, therefore, shipping "free curbside" is offered as standard and, in the event that, for example, delivery to the front door or to the apartment is desired, the option for an additional agreement is offered.

The advantages of "free curb":

  • Lower freight and transport costs for the shipper
  • From the seller's point of view: transfer of risk to the buyer as soon as the goods have been unloaded undamaged

The disadvantages of "free curb":

  • Assumption of the risk of damage lies with the buyer from the curb
  • Need of the recipient to organize further transport independently
  • In case of voluntary onward transport: no coverage in the course of transport insurance

Important: In the B2C segment, the "free delivery" variant represents the standard in normal business transactions. If a "free curb" delivery is to be agreed, this must be expressly stated in the purchase or delivery contract.


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