Controllers or dispatchers

What are controllers or dispatchers?

The persons responsible in logistics for the professional organization and execution of transports are called controllers or dispatchers. Your main task is to coordinate and organize logistical processes and ensure that they run smoothly.

Here, the latter carries out a wide variety of work:

  • Planning and execution of transports
  • Transport monitoring
  • Acceptance of orders
  • Preparation of offers
  • Interface between customers and transport companies
  • Classification of personnel
  • Provision of goods and raw materials

Controllers only deal with the organization, planning and control of logistical processes. They are thus excluded from the actual performance of transports or storage, for example.

What are the requirements for a controller in logistics?

For employment as a controller in a commercial or logistics company, a completed commercial education should be available. It would be advantageous to have one in the logistics sector. In addition, there should be an understanding of logistical processes, although this can also be acquired through practical work.


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