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What is a collective good?

In logistics and transportation, a groupage is when general cargo is bundled and transported as a consolidated load. In the process, the goods are picked up from different shippers and grouped together in the forwarder's warehouse and separated again after delivery in the appropriate warehouses.

Due to their economic efficiency, groupage transports are a frequently used method in logistics. The blending of different shipments brings the advantage of cost savings. The forwarder has the task of pre-planning the tours in a logistically sensible way, taking into account the time and traffic aspects.

Furthermore, care should be taken to ensure that the loading space capacity of the means of transport, e.g. the truck, is fully utilized and that delivery priorities during the transport route are observed. In addition, care must be taken to load the cargo space correctly. Thus, the cargo hold should be loaded last with the cargo that must be delivered first.


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