Cargo Handling

Cargo handling: focus on turnaround times for air freight

The English term "cargo" refers to the load, meaning freight or general cargo, which is moved in air freight traffic. A so-called cargo handling agent acts as a service provider for the clearance as well as the handling of all air cargo shipments.

Typical cargo handling duties include:

  • Goods receipt and issue
  • Storage and cross-docking
  • Loading on the plane
  • Control according to quantitative and qualitative criteria
  • Preparation and documentation of accompanying documents, including, among others, the waybill number ("AWB number").
  • Customs clearance

Important: Cargo handling ensures a smooth flow of goods by reducing the turnover period. As a result, the period of time during which inventory remains tied up in the company is reduced - at the same time, the company's liquidity is ensured. A high degree of digitization thus leads to greater efficiency.


Logistik-Lexikon Cargo Handling

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