Cargo Handling

Cargo Handling: Focus on turnaround times for air freight

The English term "cargo" refers to the load, meaning freight or general cargo, which is moved in air freight traffic. A cargo handling agent acts as a service provider for the clearance and handling of all air freight shipments.

Typical tasks in cargo handling include

  • Goods receipt and issue
  • Storage and cross-docking
  • Loading onto the aircraft
  • Control according to quantitative and qualitative criteria
  • Preparation and documentation of accompanying documents, including the consignment note number ("AWB number")
  • Customs clearance

Important: Cargo handling ensures a smooth flow of goods by reducing the turnover period. This reduces the period during which inventory remains tied up in the company, while at the same time ensuring the company's liquidity. A high degree of digitalization thus leads to greater efficiency.


Logistik-Lexikon Cargo Handling

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