What is a barcode?

The barcode, barcode or EAN (European Article Number) describes an electronically readable font. This barcode consists of bars and spaces of different widths, which are arranged parallel to each other. This form of representation contains binary symbols or data and can therefore be read by scanners or cameras with the appropriate software and then processed electronically.

Information behind the barcode:

The individual lines conceal important information for tracking a product. When the barcode is scanned and processed electronically, a sequence of numbers can be recognized, this sequence of numbers is assigned to each product and the product information can be read from the individual bars. The barcode is usually located on the back of a product and can represent the name of a book, for example.

Sequence of a barcode:

  1. Product is produced
  2. Is provided with a barcode
  3. The code is read out on delivery
  4. Product leaves the producer's database
  5. Will be scanned and recorded at the next retailer
  6. Passes through the checkout system at the end and goes to the customer


Logistik-Lexikon Barcode

Picture: Ruslan Kuzmenkov / Shutterstock

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