Automation Panel

Automation panel: machine operation made easy

So-called automation panels are suitable for intuitive control of systems and machines. They have haptic controls, which thus ensure that the user can act quickly. Depending on the functional scope and area of application, there are additional elements, such as interfaces or an RFID reader.

Automation panels are available in many display formats and resolutions. In addition, various industry standards (IP65 protection, interface compatibility, etc.) are implemented. Their special design allows them to be used in various industrial environments.

Advantages in the use of an automation touch PC

  • Intuitive, barrier-free machine control
  • Easy alignment via touch display
  • Reduction of error susceptibility with the use of haptic control elements
  • Modularly adaptable to different application areas

Last but not least: Due to the high number of interfaces as well as the robust design, an automation panel is explicitly suitable for use even in adverse environments (splash protection, dust and dirt protection, etc.).


Logistik-Lexikon Automationspanel

Image: gwycech / Shutterstock

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