Automated small parts warehouse (AKL)

In an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS), small parts items are stored in a space-saving manner, making full use of the room height. Unlike a high-bay warehouse, a small parts warehouse is always automated.

The structure of an AKL looks as follows:

1. it consists of a shelf system with different size aisles.

2. each aisle has a stacker crane (SRM)

3. containers, cartons or trays are used for the storage of the articles

4. there are usually several picking stations available

5. the racking systems have a conveyor system to move the items from the stacker crane to the individual picking locations.

6. placement stations and control software are available

Sequence of an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS):

The picker enters the necessary small parts items into the warehouse management system, which passes the desired items to the control software. This software ensures that the desired items are brought to the picking location. The picker removes the number of items needed and the bin is returned to the designated shelf.



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What is an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS)?


Automatisches Kleinteilelager
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