Automated guided vehicle system (AGV)

What is an automated guided vehicle system?

An automated guided vehicle is a means of transportation that has its own drive system. It controls automatically and requires no human guidance. The vehicle moves through the rails or certain magnets under the floor to travel the desired path. It is intended to provide support when pulling or carrying goods and transporting materials.

Driverless transport systems are considered a particularly flexible solution among automated transport systems. Thanks to their flexibility, they can be perfectly integrated into existing processes (work areas, routes, warehouse superstructures) and used for the transportation of various goods.

Driverless transport systems are now also increasingly being used in order picking. In retail and wholesale in particular, large quantities of different goods are often picked and loaded individually for each customer from different storage locations.


Logistik-Lexikon Fahrerlose Transportfahrzeuge

Picture: Chesky / Shutterstock

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