Article master data

What is article master data?

Each article of a company is listed in a so-called article master. All important information on the respective articles is stored there in the article master data. This data is part of the master data of the merchandise management systems.

What information is contained in the article master data?

The item master data for each product contains all the information that makes up this item. These include:

  • The article number
  • The article description
  • The weight of the item
  • The color of the article
  • The form of the article
  • The size of the item

However, special information such as dangerous goods declarations or customs tariff numbers can also be stored in the article master data. These play a particularly important role in logistical processes such as the storage or transportation of these items.

If new articles are added to the article master, all important information must also be entered. During article master data maintenance, the data for the various products is also updated and checked if anything changes.


Article master data

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