Airport Billing Systems

What are Airport Billing Systems?

Airport billing systems are special computer systems used in airports and by their nearby service providers. Your main task is accurate and reliable billing. However, these systems can also perform many other functions, which means they also play a major role in logistics. This is because they are needed here primarily for the handling and settlement of air freight of all kinds.

What are the advantages of airport billing systems?

Airport billing systems can perform a variety of functions and thus bring many advantages. These include:

  • Flights overview
  • Booking flights and cargo space
  • Documentation of all orders and services, which means that no billing is forgotten
  • Digital invoicing
  • Can be connected to a cash register for cash payments
  • EDI connection to accounting software possible

In addition, airport billing systems can perform many other functions. Depending on the task, they can be individually designed to meet all requirements.


Airport Billing Systems

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