Acoustic order picking

Acoustic order picking

Acoustic picking, also known as pick-by-voice or "picking by voice", is a voice-controlled picking system. The order picker's commands or instructions are given by voice via a headset (wired or wireless) that connects to a specially programmed pocket PC or is part of a special order picking device.

While walking through the warehouse, the order picker receives his orders directly via the headset, using a WLAN or wireless connection to the warehouse management system behind it. The voice commands for acoustic picking are usually structured in such a way that the shelf from which the goods are to be picked is named first. Once there, a check digit is entered into the system by voice command to ensure that the order picker is standing in front of the correct shelf. Only then, or after a check, is the customer informed of how many units are to be removed. Acknowledgement and feedback to the warehouse management system is then carried out using keywords.

Advantages of acoustic picking

  • The order picker can work safely and undisturbed with Pick-by-Voice, as his hands are completely free
  • Higher picking performance, especially compared to conventional picking slips, with a lower error rate
  • Lower risk of accidents, as the surroundings can be observed intuitively and without major disruptive factors
  • Prolonged high level of concentration due to lack of distraction (e.g. colleagues)

Disadvantages of acoustic picking

  • No availability in all languages
  • Risk of incorrect recording due to suboptimal speech recognition, i.e. increased time and correction effort
  • If applicable. Conversion of the labeling system to avoid longer article numbers (barcode) (combination with hand scanner possible)
  • High level of effort when removing items from the same shelf zone, as each removal must be confirmed separately


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