Acoustic picking

Acoustic picking

Acoustic picking, also called pick-by-voice or "picking by voice", is a voice-controlled picking system. The order picker's commands or instructions are given here by voice via a headset (wired or wireless) that connects to a specially programmed pocket PC or is part of a special order picker.

While walking through the warehouse, the picker receives his orders directly via the headset, for which a WLAN or radio connection is established to the warehouse management system behind it. The voice commands for acoustic picking are usually structured in such a way that the shelf from which the goods are to be picked is named first. Once there, a voice command is used to enter a check digit into the system to ensure that the picker is standing in front of the correct shelf. Only after this, or after verification, does the latter receive the indication of how many units are to be removed. Acknowledgement and feedback to the warehouse management system then takes place using keywords.

Advantages of acoustic picking

  • The picker can work safely and undisturbed with pick-by-voice, as his hands are completely free
  • Higher picking performance, especially compared to classic pick slips, also with a lower error rate
  • Lower risk of accidents, as the environment can be observed intuitively and without major disruptive factors
  • Prolonged, high level of concentration due to lack of distraction (e.g. colleagues)

Disadvantages of acoustic picking

  • No availability in all languages
  • Risk of incorrect recording due to non-optimal speech recognition, i.e. due to increased time and correction costs
  • If applicable Changeover of the labeling system to avoid longer article numbers (barcode) (combination with hand scanner possible)
  • High effort for removal from the same shelf zone, as each removal must be confirmed separately


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