Work with Voice New Generation - New Features, New Design, New Flexibility

The Voice system by proLogistik presents many new functions after its release update in version 9.40 that will increase user flexibility from now on. The tried and tested features of the speaker-independent dialogue system are preserved. In coordination with the new functions, the pro-Voice convinces as a high-performance dialogue system that is near-impossible to beat with its high flexibility and compatibility with various systems and hardware components.

Mobility and comfort are at the focus in the development of the latest generation:

pro-Voice XLS
Connection to Microsoft Excel was made possible recently as well. Order items can be entered in Excel directly by WiFi or manually. pro-Voice can also be connected to any ERP and LVS with different standardised integration options. The interface with SAP is fully integrated and quickly ready to use as well.

Flexible headset exchange
In order to continually improve work with Voice, pro-Voice 9.40 permits flexible headset exchange for wired headsets from the proLogistik range. Automated headset recognition permits swapping of headsets any number of times.
Mute function
The new Mute button mutes and reactivates speech input at the Voice client. This interrupts the Voice process easily without requiring the user to remove the headset.

Battery change "hot-swap function"
The hot-swap function, which permits swapping the Voice battery in operation, is another advantage for the user. The device does not need to be switched off first.

Compatible scanner selection
The scanner selection will be even more flexible in future. All common scanners will be supported no matter the connection, and are compatible.

Why should you use a Voice system by proLogistik?

  • Software-independent – can be connected to any ERP or LVS
  • Speaker-independent/employee-independent – teaching is not necessary
  • Efficiency increase by faster work processes
  • Reduction of the error rate
  • Comprehensive headset delivery range

Use of the speech-controlled dialogue system is also sensible outside of logistics, e.g. in industrial applications such as machine control or control of driverless transport

Work with voice - pro-Voice 9.40

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