Make customers smile – our new customer mcs promotion GmbH

mcs promotion GmbH, headquartered in Solingen, is a globally leading, agile advertising article full service provider. The company offers solutions around the complete product range of marketing media, considering itself a competent consultant for the entire marketing supply chain.

An overview of mcs promotion GmbH

The company, founded in 1975, currently has 67 employees at sites in Solingen, Chemnitz, Osnabrück and Kassel. In addition to the sites in Germany, mcs promotion agency is also represented in Belgium, China and Italy, as well as in another 25 countries as a member of IPPAG (International Partnership for Premiums & Gifts).

Purchasing decision was made at reference inspection

The storage capacity of their Solingen warehouse covers an area of about 3100 sqm. They used to work entirely organisationally here within planning, production and distribution. After a reference inspection of the warehouse of a comparable customer of proLogistik, they decided to cooperate with them in March 2016. proLogistik is going to install the warehouse administration software pL-Store® at mcs promotion.

Special modules for best handling

Multi-order commissioning and volume calculation within the warehouse administration system is particularly important to the customer. Time-path optimisation, minimisation of errors and improvement of calculation capacity of processes are expected as well. Visible efficiency and productivity increase in logistics is desired.

We are looking forward to the project together with mcs promotion GmbH and are certain that we will be able to meet all aspects. The warehouse is to be taken into operation with our warehouse administration software pL-Store® in March 2017.

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