Intralogistics optimized at Volg

With the latest release update of the warehouse management software LOGIS MOVE, Volg Konsumwaren AG starts into a new intralogistics era.

Volg is the specialist for village stores in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. Volg Konsumwaren AG is part of the fenaco cooperative, which was founded in 1993 by the merger of six agricultural cooperative associations and, as the marketing partner of farmers, ensures that Swiss food reaches customers.

Volg Konsumwaren AG supplies around 930 small-scale food outlets, including around 600 Volg stores.

Since 2005, Volg has relied on warehouse management software from Dataphone AG

In order to continue to meet the constantly growing demands of the market in terms of intralogistics, Volg opted for the release update – the latest warehouse management software version LOGIS MOVE.

“fresh and flush” – this motto still applied after an intensive rollout night

The “Release Update at Volg” project started at noon on a Friday and ended the following Monday. Thanks to a flawless planning phase and a careful testing phase, the release update was implemented error-free within just one night.

Mega rollout in parallel in three distribution centers and six areas

The LOGIS MOVE warehouse management system was put into operation simultaneously at the three Volg distribution centers in Winterthur, Landquart and Oberbipp. The changeover was successful:

“All points of sale could be supplied without any gaps, without any errors, without any delays. The entire supply chain worked perfectly at all times without any noticeable impact.”

Stefan Näf, Management Logistics/Informatics/Services, Volg Konsumwaren AG

Smooth processes in intralogistics

To ensure that the products get from the distribution centers to the sales outlets in the right quantity and quality and at the right time, finely tuned processes and professional equipment are crucial success factors.

Every step in the logistics process – from goods receipt, storage and picking to final inspection and transport – is digitally mapped in the LOGIS MOVE warehouse management system. Transparent data in real time are essential for the greatest possible flexibility in order to be able to reschedule in good time even in the event of spontaneous bottlenecks.

Service as the highest good

Not only is the internal transparency of logistics data crucial for a service provider like Volg, but seamless communication to the client through timely status reports is also at the heart of any warehouse management software.

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