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E-commerce in the medical supply store

The optimal processing of orders. The perfect management of the warehouse. The reliable delivery to the customer. These processes are particularly important in the medical supply sector. And that’s where the pLG WMS comes in, as a standalone software that cooperates with any existing ambulance system. It enables the seamless processing of orders by taking care of all warehouse and logistics processing up to delivery at the customer’s premises, with all information, status and time stamps being forwarded to the medical supply store software in parallel.

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Shipping and delivery

Everything under control

No matter how the orders are ultimately to be delivered – with the pLG WMS you have everything in view and under control. Apart from individual customer requests, different criteria such as the distance to the destination, the type of product or the urgency of the order can be taken into account when selecting the possible delivery method.

Field Service

It’s a clever option for small deliveries in particular: field staff who are regularly on site with customers take over delivery. In these cases, it is not necessary to use an additional delivery vehicle….

Pick up in the store

In the branches of a medical supply store, the consultants meet their mobile customers. In intensive customer discussions, the devices and aids are not only presented and tested here, but ideally also purchased or ordered directly …

Parcel service

For goods that have a handy format and can be used without instruction, such as diapers or food, parcel services are a viable alternative to existing delivery structures.

It can also sometimes be practical to automatically switch between different delivery methods within an order: part of the delivery is delivered by tour and instruction, while the following partial deliveries are made by parcel service.

But no matter what you decide: The pLG WMS also supports this type of delivery service and can already draw on a large number of fully integrated service providers out of the box.

Delivery tour

A real tour guide: The integrated tour planning in the pLg WMS logistics software controls the entire fleet of your delivery company. Each driver and each vehicle with its respective individual characteristics is taken into account, for example, what dimensions the vehicle has, whether it is equipped with lifting platforms or whether the driver has undergone any special training.

The customer informs the system in which time window the delivery, assembly or collection should take place. Then each item is assigned a dwell time, which can be adjusted by the scheduler to suit the specific order.

Taking into account the legally required break times, the software then creates a precise timeline of the tour, which is accurately communicated to the drivers via the TomTomWebfleet navigation devices. Additional notices, such as “use rear entrance,” make delivery easier for the delivery driver.

The current status feedback is transmitted directly to the order and the ambulance system, which can then, for example, start the start time for the billing of rental equipment or flat rates per case with pinpoint accuracy.

Despite the detailed planning, changes to ongoing tours are also possible without any problems. For example, a driver who happens to be in the area can pick up a surprisingly broken-down piece of equipment for repair on short notice without upsetting the entire tour.

Intelligent purchasing

Take advantage of discounts, scale prices, delivery allowances, minimum order values and delivery times – thanks to the purchasing planning of the pLG WMS logistics software, you have the opportunity to benefit from the best possible purchasing conditions. The system not only enables manual and automatic purchases, but also supports special orders such as made-to-measure or direct shipping. In addition, the software monitors supplier orders and automatically reacts if a supplier exceeds its promised delivery deadlines.

Field service tablet

Without direct customer contact – almost – nothing works: In the medical supply industry, almost every business begins with the visit of the sales representative to his new customer. He takes a look at the surroundings, asks about the needs and then takes the order.

And it is precisely this process that we are modernizing by giving field staff a pLG WMS tablet. All information noted here automatically arrives at the control center as soon as a cellular connection is established. The captured data is then automatically transferred to the document workflow of the office staff, where it can be further processed.

Simplest warehouse management

One of the main tasks of the pLG WMS software is to organize and manage the warehouse. With their help, it is possible to obtain accurate information about the quantity, location and condition of the goods, making it possible to make binding delivery commitments and perform accurate inventory value calculations.

The communication with the warehouse employees runs via their handheld PCs through which they receive their picking orders. The system distinguishes between different storage locations, storage areas (e.g. “care”, “heavy”) and storage levels. At the same time, it splits customer orders into optimal picking orders and later reassembles them correctly.

The barcode technology then serves as the basis for sequence control. The system recognizes different barcodes for storage locations, items and status. A permanent inventory can avoid annual large-scale inventory campaigns.

Repair and workshop

The pLG WMS software can also control the workshop of a medical supply store. Depending on the urgency and delivery time, orders are completed in a prioritized order. To ensure that this is correctly adhered to, the necessary tools and attachments are delivered from the warehouse to the workshop at the required time. However, it is also possible that employees of the workshop personally pick up the required parts.

Each order is automatically annotated with relevant notes and documents such as dimension sheets, which are then available to the employee. In this way, an optimal flow of information is ensured.

With the warehouse management software pLG WMS E-Commerce you can:

  • Online inventory management
  • Less administrative work
  • Complete documentation
  • Automated processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Documentation requirement
  • Short ways
  • Faster throughput times
  • Optimized processes
  • Forward warehouse planning
  • Fewer shortages
  • Better warehouse utilization

Tested and found to be good

Our Warehouse Management System

As a constant quality control, we have our pLG WMS comprehensively tested and subsequently validated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) every year. As a result, we certify ourselves annually as a provider in the Online Warehouse Logistics Portal of the IML.

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