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Reflector labels

The advantages of reflector labels

Especially good reflective

Reflective labels are used when sunlight makes label scanning difficult or scanning ranges need to be increased. The labels reflect the light emitted by the scanner better than standard barcode labels.

Ideal for high rack and block stores

The labels can be successfully used both indoors and outdoors. Scanning is possible even from a long distance – so barcodes on reflective labels can be scanned successfully and quickly. Thus, these labels are particularly suitable for high-bay warehouses and for block warehouses. The labels hold on smooth and slightly textured surfaces.


Reflector labels
Areas of applicationFor warehouse and shelf labeling
Formats89 x 36 mm
170 x 25 mm
150 x 55 mm
150 x 74 mm
60 x 200 mm
250 x 100 mm
170 x 50 mm
180 x 70 mm
150 x 55 mm
Other formats on request
MaterialsReflective tapes from 3M, Avery, Reflexite
MountingPermanent adhesive
Print typeThermal transfer printing
Special featuresThe films are used in the presence of sunlight. Furthermore, they are used to increase scanning ranges (up to approx. 21 m). Here, the barcode scanners and barcode sizes must be precisely matched.
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