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In today’s world, there’s no question that more and more employees need mobile devices and applications to do their jobs efficiently – with the volume and complexity of devices creating greater security and management challenges every day. This task will only be exacerbated with the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT):

  • It is critical that the appropriate equipment is assigned to the right employees and that this equipment is operated efficiently.
  • At the same time, application development and deployment must be simplified and critical back-end systems must be integrated.
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SOTI ONE Platform

How does SOTI support you?

You need an enterprise mobility solution that addresses all of your mission-critical mobility needs: app development, managing and securing devices, remotely troubleshooting issues with a wide range of mobile devices, collecting analytic data to gain insights into how your devices are performing, and managing your IoT infrastructure.

The SOTI ONE Platform gives you complete control and visibility over all your mobile devices: scanners, smartphones, tablets, rugged devices, industrial printers and IoT devices. It’s an integrated enterprise mobility and IoT solution that connects all aspects of your mission-critical mobile strategy and takes it to the next level.

pLG is SOTI Platinum Partner
We help you integrate your IoT business operations easier, smarter and more reliably – by showing you how to connect and manage all your devices in one place.

What can SOTI do for your company?

  • SOTI ONE is an integrated suite of enterprise mobility solutions. It secures the workflow of your employees, develops your apps faster, and manages your mobile devices and IoT endpoints.
  • Minimize mobile downtime: SOTI XSight has the support and management tools you need to resolve mobile device issues faster, as well as analytical insights to help you make smarter data-driven decisions for your mission-critical mobile strategy.
  • Corporate mobility management: SOTI MobiControl facilitates mobility management. It simplifies the security, management and support of your mission-critical mobility and IoT deployment.
  • Rapid App Development: SOTI Snap is a cross-platform, rapid app development solution for enterprises. Organizations can use it to create the mobile apps they need faster, cheaper and on time.

The contents of SOTI ONE

Exactly according to your requirements
Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Comprehensive OS Support Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, macOS, Link-OS Printer
  • Registration within minutes and immediate provision of the devices for use
  • Optimized for iOS in COBO environments
  • Android+ technology
  • Industry-leading support for rugged devices
  • Email, app and content management
Printer management for companies: Print securely, work reliably
  • Print in minutes and at lower cost
  • Reduce repair and maintenance costs
  • Detect potential problems before they occur
  • Protect printers and businesses
  • Do not estimate, but know how many printers you have
Diagnostic helpdesk solution
  • Diagnostic helpdesk solution designed specifically for mobile devices with integrated remote control, diagnostic and EMM tools
  • Quick troubleshooting with practical information on device deployment
  • Anytime and anywhere support with the
    fastest remote control solution in the EMM industry
  • Comprehensive device support from over 170 manufacturers
  • Improved ticket management
  • Support for multi-OS environments
  • Email integration enables automated support ticket creation
  • Advanced audit logging features

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